R+C Rebrand



Agency Rebrand

We were a film production house with a creative soul. Only our clients needed more than just film. But how could we help fix their creative problems if we still had challenges of our own? So we dug deep into that creative soul and did a lot of searching. Only we did more than just looking. We rolled up our sleeves and conducted audits, positioning mapping, and brand strategy development. And discovered that we have the balls, the creative spirit and the hard-work ethic to deliver the new agency that our clients have been looking for. We've accentuated the positive, eliminated the negative and latched on to the affirmative through some wise hirings, new methodologies and meaningful differentiators. 

But what makes us the Add+ agency? Well, we put adding value at the top of our tree. No B.S., we’re regular guys and girls. But beneath those ‘Helvetica’ exteriors, you’ll find smart-thinking, straight-talking, hard-working, passionate people that make the brief the starting point to uncover relevant insights and alternative media opportunities to build stronger connections. And beyond that, we possess a culture of creating positive change.

Our new design sought inspiration from who we are while illustrating our new capabilities. Authentic and bold to the core, our Bauhaus-influenced approach epitomizes our ethos, namely by merging all artistic mediums into one. Our new brand identity reflects the key tenets of creativity that we stand for - simplicity, relevance, a balance of logic and emotion, while significantly being different - to improve recognition, and ultimately be memorable. 

We are R+C. Adding value for clients and creating a positive impact on society.