Who We Are

More Tough. Less Fluff.

We are relentless, determined by nature, and committed to helping your brand punch way above its weight.

We roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to discover hidden truths by carefully crafting that insight into strategy. Creative exploration starts with trial and error, tireless work, and finishes with detailed execution from pre to post. Finally, it’s time to show the world.



  1. Sean Gately

    Sean Gately


  2. Courtney Hetherington

    Courtney Hetherington


  3. Yann Saliba

    Yann Saliba



Talent Welcome

Though we can’t let everyone in, as the Add+ agency we are always looking for talented new additions. So, if you see yourself adding value to our creative output, please reach out.

Assistant Editor

The Assistant Editor role is a full-time (hybrid) position based in our Boston office. We’re looking for someone who knows frames matter when telling a story or conveying a thought. While you live for your art, you have the ability to add value (after all we are The Add+ Agency) through storytelling with a good amount of commercial awareness to keep things on brief.

Capable of supporting an editor and bringing a director’s or creative’s vision to life.

Focused on specs’, organized to the point that folder structure keeps you up at night, possess high-level technical skills and a positive attitude. Add that to your creativity, imagination, respect for deadlines, supportive mentality, attention to detail, and just a pleasure to be around.

Oh, and as a true team player, you have a great ability to listen, digest, and produce beyond expectations. No big deal, right?

Experience of 3+ years and a portfolio that wows us are required. Post house experience is a plus.


Our copywriter role is a full-time (hybrid) position based out of our Boston office. We’re looking for a super-talented wordsmith, a master of language and phrases. Someone who toils over sentence structure and has a “words matter” tattoo. Someone who can write long copy or short but can also think visually. A total team player who is not afraid to lock themselves in solitude and craft the perfect manifesto.

Do you deep down believe a well-crafted headline can solve almost any marketing problem? Do you treat every assignment from a Super Bowl spot (sorry, Big Game) to a social post with the same care? Are you able to write in different tones, different voices and to different audiences? If so, let’s talk.

We’re looking for someone who can collaborate in groups and is a positive force. Someone who can have their ideas shot down one day and come back with even better ones the next. And someone who has a well-thumbed thesaurus and knows details add value (after all, we are the add+ agency).

2+ years’ experience coupled with an amazing, kick-ass portfolio is all it takes.